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10 ways to make your office better for your health

When working in an office, you spend at least 8 hours at your desk. Having such a lengthy desk-bound lifestyle can have lasting adverse effects on your health. Looking at a screen for long hours can affect your posture and eyesight, while sitting for long hours can be bad for your metabolism. Here are some ways to optimize your workspace for better health and productivity.

  • Sit less

People with sedentary workstyles should walk around for at least half an hour during their worktime. Not only is it good for you physically, but studies show that it can increase productivity and more likely to focus on the task at hand.


  • Add a plant or flower to your desk

Research shows that adding a plant or flower to your working space induces creative thinking, and can positively affect the company’s wellbeing by 47%, creativity by 45% and productivity by as much as 38%. Make sure when choosing your plant that it can survive in low light conditions.


  • Check the temperature and airflow

It is important that you have a comfortable temperature in your office. Working might feel difficult if the room is too hot or too cold, and if you have the chance open a window make sure you open it regularly to let some fresh air in and naturally adjust the humidity in your office.


  • Clean your workspace

Things such as your keyboard and your mouse hold an immense amount of bacteria. Make sure you clean your desk with antiseptic wipes regularly. A clean workspace will both motivate you when working and be good for your health.


  • Use aromatherapy

Using certain essential oils in your workspace can be good for motivation and focusing. You may want to consider lemon essential oil for lifting your spirits, improving memory and thinking. Opt for an essential oil diffuser that delivers a subtle aroma, or add a few drops of the oil into water to make it less strong.


  • Keep healthy snacks at your desk

When you are hungry, it’s easy to be tempted by junk food readily packed and available. Whenever you can, prepare yourself some healthy snacks like apple and peanut butter, or go for a weekly shopping of healthy snacks that you can nibble on while working.

  • Keep a bottle of water nearby

Water is crucial for any time of the day. As we all know, it is important to drink at least 2 liters of water per day for an adult, and as you spend at least half of your day in your office, it may be easy to forget this. Keeping a bottle of water at your desk will remind you to keep hydrated.


  • Look away from the screen

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is the result of looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time. This may cause blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes and neck and shoulder pain. Make sure you take breaks from looking at your computer screen regularly.


  • Organize your desk

A crowded desk will not only tire your eyes but it will also cause distractions. Keeping an organized desk will limit distractions and increase efficiency.


  • Squeeze in a workout

Whenever you can, try to move or squeeze in a workout. Try healthy swaps like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, add more walking to your commute and try to frequently more at your desk and switch positions.

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