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5 ways you can increase productivity


The backbone of every good company should be its employees. And as employees spend most of their day in their workplace, strategies must be put in place for a more productive working environment. In order to increase productivity and help your business grow, the most important aspect is to keep employees happy.

Making small changes to habits will allow you to think and work better and advance your business. Here are some of the best strategies you can use to increase productivity in the workplace.


  • Track and limit how much time you’re spending on tasks

Consider the tasks you need to tackle, and put them in order of importance or urgency. Moreover, it is important that you are aware of how much time you are spending on a task in order to better manage the time you spend in your workplace and increase your productivity.


  • Take efficiency breaks

Research has shown that taking regular breaks not only helps you improve your concentration, but also help you perform at the same level for the whole task. Working every minute of the workday is not necessary and can cause your productivity to burnout. Take regular 10 to 15 minute breaks to recharge and refresh your brain when you get back to work.


  • Prepare a to-do list for the day

Having a to-do list helps clear up the tasks on your mind and will allow you to be more motivated to finish them. Also, your list will give you a sense of time management which will be beneficial for focusing and meeting self-set deadlines. You may be surprised to see how productive you are once you start ticking off completed tasks from your list.


  • Quit multitasking

While multitasking may give you the impression of being productive in many different areas at a time, research shows that it is indeed the opposite. Psychologists found that attempting to tackle multiple tasks at once results in time and productivity loss. Whatever you do, focus on finishing the task at hand first, before moving on to a new one.


  • Make your workspace your own

In order to be productive at work, it is important that you feel physically and mentally comfortable. While it may seem unlikely, research shows that an aesthetically pleasing workspace can increase your mood and thus increase your productivity too. The more comfortable you are, the less stressed you will be. So decorate your workspace with no more than 3 items which will make you comfortable, such as a plant, a small candle or some pictures.

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