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How to choose the right office space for you?

Once you delve into the professional stage of your life, you will find that you spend longer hours at work than you do at home. Our environment affects the way we think, feel and work, and thus impacts our performance even if we don’t perceive it. Finding the right office or workspace can improve productivity, […]
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The benefits of working and living in Cyprus

Moving to a new country for a new job or for starting up a new business is a huge step. But moving to a sunny island with a high quality of life can make it easier. Cyprus is not only great as a holiday destination, but it is also a finance and business hub. Thanks […]
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Your guide to North Cyprus

With its beautiful weather, untouched picturesque views of nature and friendly locals, Cyprus is without a doubt the gem of the Mediterranean. Strategically located, the island has a lot to offer, whether you are thinking of visiting for work or leisure. Although Cyprus is in a politically gray area, locals from both sides of the […]
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What are the benefits of running a virtual office?

  In the last few years, virtual offices have seen a huge rise in popularity. Although the concept seemed unfamiliar to any business owner when it first showed up, now more and more businesses are opting for the choice of a virtual office rather than having a traditional brick and mortar office. Most modern businesses […]
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Hybrid Working Models: The Future of Work

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more workplaces are starting to adapt a hybrid working model. A term that was not very present prior to the pandemic, hybrid working models are proving to be more beneficial for both employers and employees. Statistics showed that working from home models skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic, and are […]
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10 ways to make your office better for your health

When working in an office, you spend at least 8 hours at your desk. Having such a lengthy desk-bound lifestyle can have lasting adverse effects on your health. Looking at a screen for long hours can affect your posture and eyesight, while sitting for long hours can be bad for your metabolism. Here are some […]
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5 ways you can increase productivity

  The backbone of every good company should be its employees. And as employees spend most of their day in their workplace, strategies must be put in place for a more productive working environment. In order to increase productivity and help your business grow, the most important aspect is to keep employees happy. Making small […]
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