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How to choose the right office space for you?

Once you delve into the professional stage of your life, you will find that you spend longer hours at work than you do at home. Our environment affects the way we think, feel and work, and thus impacts our performance even if we don’t perceive it. Finding the right office or workspace can improve productivity, encourage idea sharing and motivate employees.

With a long list of points on what makes a good office, from natural light and fresh air to comfortable and ergonomic office furniture, the hunt for the right office space can be a hassle. Here are some recommendations to make the process easier.

Location is key

Having the right office space begins with its location. Renting or buying office space in a central location where business is thriving is crucial for your business and to create brand awareness.

In most big cities, traffic and a lack of parking spaces are the primary troubles for workers. These concerns are the main reason for both employees and employers being late. With an office space that is easily accessible and has parking space, employees don’t have to worry about their commute to and from work, and clients can find your office with ease.

In addition, having an office in the business district and close to amenities such as restaurants, bars and coffee shops can improve employees’ moods and accessibility to the office.


Technology and infrastructure

The businesses of our day can rarely function without internet connectivity, making it a crucial point to look out for when choosing the right office space. When looking for an office space, make sure that there is a good groundwork for a strong internet connection. Some serviced offices offer a fast internet connection included in the rent.

However, infrastructure does not just include a good internet connection. Keep in mind that you will also need a good postal service and telephone connection in your workspace. Although landline numbers are not used in households anymore, it is important to have them in professional settings, and postal services are essential for signed documents or any other physical items.



Before moving your venture to a new office, you should do a thorough study on the pricing. Consider your budget, and ask yourself questions like ‘can I afford to pay a three month rent deposit right now?’ and ‘is this office priced similarly with other office spaces in the area’.

If you spend too little on an office, chances are it will be substandard with a poor working environment and location. On the other hand, if you spend too much on an office, you may end up spending more than you can afford, which will weigh your business down with unnecessary expenses.

Office size

It is crucial to choose the right office size depending on the number of employees you have. The Covid-19 pandemic taught us all about social distancing, and people have now gotten used to having their personal space. However, regardless of the Covid-19 virus, you shouldn’t cram all your employees in a tiny space, and you shouldn’t overpay for a large office space.

Make a study on how many employees you have and how much space you will need, and don’t forget about meeting rooms and a resting space. Small offices may reduce productivity, so don’t be sparing on floor space.


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