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The benefits of working and living in Cyprus

Moving to a new country for a new job or for starting up a new business is a huge step. But moving to a sunny island with a high quality of life can make it easier. Cyprus is not only great as a holiday destination, but it is also a finance and business hub.

Thanks to its attractive taxation system and stable economy, Cyprus is one of the most important business centers in the Mediterranean. Although it is a small country, Cyprus is full of business opportunities. Many businesses from Russia, Germany and Eastern countries have had their offices move to Cyprus or have opened their representations here. With the unique business atmosphere created here, Cyprus is also known to have the lowest tax rate in the EU.

Here are some of the other benefits of living on the sunny island:

Pleasant weather and healthy environment

With over 320 days of sun in the year, Cyprus is most possibly the only European country where one can enjoy a sunny day at the beach in November.

The environment is also as pleasant as the weather. As the population is less than 1 million, pollution is also significantly less when compared to any other European country. The fact that there are no large industrial enterprises, pollution on the island is kept to a minimum.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see that the beaches of the island are clean, and you can bathe in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


Safe and enjoyable lifestyle

Cyprus is one of the safest countries, holding one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. None of the areas on the whole island are dubbed problematic and unsafe to live in.

Cypriots are some of the warmest people you can meet. As the island is small, everyone knows each one another and this creates an atmosphere of familiarity all across Cyprus.


A booming center of business

As an up and coming hub of business strategically placed in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is full of opportunities. Due to its attractive tax benefits, the island is attracting more and more businesses, and the entrepreneur community speedily expanding.

Celsus Business Centers presents you the opportunity to network with this growing community, and mix with like-minded people who do business in Cyprus.

Celsus is the first and only business center in North Cyprus, offering co-working spaces where you can rent a desk, virtual office, or even a serviced office, for a reasonable price. There are also conference rooms and meeting rooms you can rent, according to the size and needs of your formal event.



English is widely spoken

Although the official languages of the island are Turkish and Greek, English is spoken and understood by almost all of the locals. All road signs, restaurant menus and government documents are available in English, and as Cypriots learn English in school, the is no language barrier in Cyprus.

As many business persons and entrepreneurs are seeing the potential and moving their businesses to Cyprus, business hubs are becoming more multilingual with many people from Russia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and Scandinavian countries, you can hear many different languages at these business hubs.


The locals are as warm as the weather

The people of Cyprus are known to be warm, just like all Mediterranean people. Very friendly and accommodating to foreigners, Cypriots are very loyal and have a love for food, traditions and their cultural heritage.

When in Cyprus, make sure to mix with the locals to get a better insight of the traditional Cypriot lifestyle, and discover the island to its fullest!

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