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What are the benefits of running a virtual office?


In the last few years, virtual offices have seen a huge rise in popularity. Although the concept seemed unfamiliar to any business owner when it first showed up, now more and more businesses are opting for the choice of a virtual office rather than having a traditional brick and mortar office. Most modern businesses can run almost entirely online, and thrive through the internet business culture. However, there are some things that you can’t do with online platforms and virtual communication alone. The simple addition of a virtual office to your business resources can provide everything you might need from a traditional office without the hassle or expense of actually relocating your business or renting a property.


A virtual office is the ideal way to secure a prime business address without the additional burden of having to pay for an actual office space. A virtual office is a smart and cost effective way, and by using Celsus Business Centers office address, your company will be compliant with the legal requirements for trading in Cyprus. Having an address in the well-regarded and North Cyprus’ first business center will allow you to receive mail at Celsus, and have a professional setting where you will be able to hold meetings.


For most businesses, an office space is about more than just a physical location. It is a location where their clients can get to easily, and where they can hold meetings and conferences while offering the professional corporate environment that many clients appreciate. Virtual offices can provide the same benefits at a very low overhead cost. They cost far less than purchasing a building, or permanently renting a space in the heart of the city. With a fully furnished meeting room and conference hall available to use when you need, Celsus Business Center combines all amenities you may need to run a virtual office.


Having a remote working arrangement can be a great benefit for both employer and employee. Research has found that many employees who work remotely are more satisfied with their work and can be at their best when it comes to productivity. From an employer’s point of view, it has been found that employees become more competitive, and offering remote work helps companies recruit the best talents, as most employees will see this a hugely beneficial.

Furthermore, along with employees being more motivated, it will be easier for them to manage their workload, and not spend too much time fixated on one task. Employees will be more motivated when managing their own time, and working from the comfort of their own homes.


Finally, having an address at Celsus Business Center can be beneficial in terms of SEO geolocation. While a paid advertising strategy gives an immediate yet short term result, search engine optimization is the best way to create awareness about your business, and will work your website upwards in the long run.


Setting up a virtual office is a proven strategy for businesses that want to rank higher in a state they currently don’t have a presence in. As many online services still benefit from the ‘near me’ feature of search engines, potential clients seek out businesses based on their location. Virtual offices are most useful when they are located in the heart of the city.

With the virtual office service provided by Celsus Business center, your business will appear to be located in the heart of central Nicosia, surrounded by potential clients.

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